Jenna Ortega Thinks Fans Won’t Notice Neve Campbell’s Absence In ‘Scream 6’

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Neve Campbell‘s Sidney Prescott will not be a part of Scream 6 after Neve, 49, exited the franchise over failed salary negotiations. However, Jenna Ortega will return for the sixth entry into the long-running horror franchise, and she told Entertainment Tonight that Scream fans will still enjoy the film, despite Neve’s absence. “I feel like I can’t really speak too much on that just because it’s not necessarily my character,” she shared. “But I will say there’s so much going on in this next one, that it’s so action-heavy and so gore-heavy that I think you’re gonna be distracted almost.”

“But it’s very clear, like, there’s references to Sidney, of course,” said Jenna, 20, who joined the franchise in 2022’s Scream, portraying Tara Carpenter.” You know, it’s nice because there’s still a protectiveness in the script and that’s something that the actors had naturally over her because obviously we respect [Neve] and we want the best for her. She’s missed and thought of.”

Neve Campbell in Scream (Everett Collection)

Scream 6 follows Friday The 13th Part VIII’s footsteps, taking the action from Woodsboro, California, to New York City. Hayden Panettiere, who played Kirby Reed in the fourth film, will return, along with Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, and Melissa Barrera. “Hayden is a sweetheart and that team, I’m really lucky that the directors Matt [Bettinelli-Olpin] and Tyler [Gillett] and Melissa [Barrera] and Jasmin [Savoy Brown] and Mason [Gooding], we all have so much love and respect for each other,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

“They’re like family to me, so when you’re on a job like that, they’re the most fun sets that I’m on. It’s working with your friends. It’s the best possible scenario,” she added.

Jenna Ortega in Scream (Everett Collection)

Neve announced in June that she wouldn’t return to the series she helped popularize. “As a woman, I have had to work extremely hard in my career to establish my value, especially when it comes to Scream. I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise,” she said in a statement. Neve was part of the original Scream in 1996 and took part in four sequels – Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4, and 2022’s Scream.

“It’s been a very difficult decision to move on. To all my Scream fans, I love you. You’ve always been so incredibly supportive to me. I’m forever grateful to you and to what this franchise has given me over the past 25 years,” Neve said.