‘Siesta Key’ Exclusive Clip: Juliette Slams Meghan As A ‘Liar’ After Claims That Clark ‘Flirted’ With Her

Juliette Porter confronts Meghan Bischoff in a tense scene from the Nov. 10 episode of Siesta Key. The ladies are at the same party when the confrontation goes down. Juliette wanted to have a word with Meghan for claiming that Juliette’s boyfriend, Clark Drum, was flirting with her. “Let’s just get down to it,” Juliette begins. “I heard you’re going around telling people that my boyfriend is flirting with you.”

Meghan stands by her story, clapping back, “Because he does!” The response causes Juliette to brand Meghan as a “liar” and add, “I heard from so many people that you’re so full of s$p6368723ea87e7.” Meghan’s friend jumps in to defend her, insisting that she’s seen the flirting happen, too. This just sets Juliette off even further.

Juliette on the Nov. 10 episode. (MTV)

“I really don’t care,” she retorts. “I don’t know who you are and I don’t remember ever meeting you. So that doesn’t matter. I don’t need you to validate it.” Meghan stands up for her friend, but Juliette is on one at that point. “I am really f$p6368723ea87e7ing angry with you,” she tells Meghan. “I was trying to be nice to you and now you’re going to go and disrespect me like that?”

Meghan fighting with Juliette on ‘Siesta Key.’ (MTV)

Meghan says that the alleged flirting made her “uncomfortable” and shares that she went to her friends “upset” because it happened. “I feel SO bad for you,” Juliette replies, sarcastically. “What you should’ve done is come to me and said it to my face instead of going around and telling everyone at the party and embarrassing me.”

The rest of the fight will play out on tonight’s episode of Siesta Key. Of course, Juliette and Meghan already have history, as Meghan dated Juliette’s ex, Sam Logan, after the pair’s breakup. Juliette and Meghan had a heart-to-heart about Sam earlier this season, but it looks like any good vibes between them are long gone now!