Ukrainians celebrate Putin’s Russian troops retreating from Kherson

    CELEBRATIONS broke out across Ukraine yesterday as the invading Russians retreated.

    Relieved residents of who have been displaced to Odessa flew the Ukraine flag on hearing the country was back in control of their home city.

    Locals down drinks in Kherson to celebate the Russian retreatCredit: Reuters
    Kherson locals evacuated to Odessa celebrate the liberation of their home cityCredit: AFP

    In itself, which has been occupied for eight months, locals downed booze as the .

    Ukraine’s troops yesterday carried out “stabilisation measures”, including the removal of explosives.

    The General Staff of armed forces warned that were strengthening their battle lines after fleeing.

    Meanwhile, a new work by Brit street artist emerged outside Ukraine’s capital – and was hailed as a symbol of the nation’s strength.

    The graffiti in Borodyanka shows a boy throwing a man to the ground.

    Local Oleksiy Savochka, 32, said: “It is a symbol that we are unbreakable, and our country is unbreakable.”

    Banksy’s new artwork emerged on a building outside Ukraine’s capital Kyiv – and was hailed as a symbol of the nation’s strengthCredit: Getty