Putin reeling as Russian ‘headquarters’ obliterated, leaving 80 dead

Ukrainian forces have bombarded a series of key targets, devastating Russian forces while they press the attack.

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Russian military leave ammunition in Ukraine

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forces struck two command posts, killing more than 80 Russian soldiers, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Two Russian helicopters and several ground vehicles were also reportedly destroyed in yesterday’s strikes. “In the area of the city of Energodar [Ukraine’s armed forces] hit an enemy control point – more than 50 invaders were killed and more than 40 were injured. [A] Ka-52 helicopter was also destroyed,” the General Staff said in a Facebook update.

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Energodar is a city near the occupied nuclear power plant at Zaporizhzhia which became a flashpoint earlier in the conflict, prompting fears of a nuclear disaster.

Ukraine also reportedly struck a Russian headquarters in the Kherson region, killing more than 30 Russian soldiers and destroying two tanks and four trucks.

An Mi-8 Russian helicopter was also downed while Ukrainian planes bombed five key military targets and artillery struck two munitions dumps.

The news comes as Vladimir Putin is on the back foot. All of his forces have withdrawn from Kherson City which has now been liberated by Kyiv.


A Ukrainian solider fires an anti-aircraft weapon near Kharkiv. (Image: SERGEY KOZLOV/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutt​erstock)


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Moscow residents march to demand missile strike on Washington

A group of Russian protesters marched through the streets of Moscow to demand Vladimir Putin launch a missile strike on the United States and other Western capitals for aiding Kyiv.

Chanting to the tune of Queen’s We Will Rock You, the activists called for Putin and his army to target “the decision-making centres” in retaliation for the support shown to Ukraine.

Footage from the Russian capital showed the group walking down the street chanting and waving banners supporting Russian troops involved in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Poland rages at EU over Ukraine refugees as Warsaw blasts aid offer

The EU Commission’s recent offer to financially compensate Poland for the country’s efforts to absorb millions of Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion is threatening to spark a fresh row with Poland’s centre-right government.

The Polish Government under Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is set to spend 8.4 billion euros in support for Ukrainian refugees, the highest amount in the OECD.

The European Union’s offer of 144.6 million euros last month has been met with criticism from senior members of the Law and Justice Party amid anger that the bloc is failing to grasp the scale of the crisis which has seen around one million Ukrainians settle in Poland.

Putin mental state under question as tactics branded ‘psychopathic’

Ukrainian MP Volodymyr Ariev discussed what could be going on in Putin’s head during the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian MP argued someone with a normal mindset would not push a war campaign like Vladimir Putin was in Ukraine.

Mr Ariev claimed that he did not think Putin had a mental change or a disease but was just behaving like someone with a lot of money and power.

And instead, the Ukrainian MP branded the Russian dictator’s mental state as “psychopathic.”

Putin’s reputation in tatters in Moscow

Russian troops have been forced to withdraw from the key southern city of Kherson after the occupied region came under threat from an advancing Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Kremlin military leaders announced plans for Russian soldiers to evacuate the city on Wednesday, after sabotage to supply lines had made it increasingly difficult to equip troops in Kherson.

As Russian forces retreat, Vladimir Putin’s long-standing reputation as a “winner” has been compromised, placing his power over Moscow in “jeopardy”.

Former national security adviser Sir Mark Lyall-Grant warned the withdrawal from Kherson could spark doubt within Russia over President Putin’s leadership.

He told Sky News: “Within Russia, the vast majority of the Russian people are only getting one version of the truth, and that is one put out by the Kremlin.

“But, the oligarchs around President Putin will have seen the truth and I think Putin’s reputation as being a hard man and being a winner has certainly taken a huge knock.”

He added: “That puts [Vladimir Putin’s] position of power in some jeopardy in Moscow.”

President Zelensky vows ‘we won’t leave anyone’ and pledges to liberate Ukraine

On Saturday evening, President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke in his daily war update about the future of the war and promised to liberate more occupied land.

It comes as Ukraine has secured a major victory as Russian troops have withdrawn from Kherson, the only regional capital city Russia had managed to capture after the invasion began in February 2022.

Speaking to the Ukrainians in his nightly update, President Zelensky said: “The world sees it now. It sees what it means when Ukrainians meet their own people.

“It sees what the unity of Ukrainians means. And it sees why we should liberate our entire land from the invaders.”

Russian women march to Ukrainian frontline to demand husbands are returned home

The wives and partners of Russian soldiers marched from Belgorod into the occupied area of Luhansk to demand their husbands be sent back from the front.

The group of 70 women walked and hitched lifts to cross into the war zone in Ukraine to confront military higher-ups over the treatment soldiers are being subjected to.

In footage from the area, the contingent can be seen confronting military officials, warning “we don’t trust you anymore” as they called on their husbands to be withdrawn from the frontline.

UK foils Putin’s plot to sabotage pipeline in South Atlantic

British specialists have secured a vital pipeline in the South Atlantic following an intelligence tip-off that it is being targeted by Russian saboteurs.

The mile-long floating pipeline is crucial for delivering fuel to RAF, US Space agency and navy bases on Ascension Island, a remote British Overseas Territory located 1,047 nautical miles from Guinea, Africa to the east, and 2,030 nautical miles from Brazil to the West.

Used as a vital staging post for British troops retaking the Falkland Islands 40 years ago, the 35 square mile island now also hosts a UK-US signals intelligence facility, one of the four ground antennas used for the Global Positioning System (GPS) navigational system, a European Space Agency rocket tracking station and a NASA-operated Autonomous Telescope (MCAT) used for tracking orbital debris which could endanger spacecraft and astronauts.

Its fuel is also essential to both Royal Navy and US vessels which operate in the area.

The volcanic island’s rocky coastline means that fuel delivered by tanker to its vast oil storage depot must be carried through the pipeline, which “floats” on the water’s surface on Clarence Bay and is easily visible.

Concerns were raised last month when British security services gained access to satellite images which indicated that Russia had become markedly interested in the stretch of pipe.

Putin orders dozens of terrifying hypersonic 6,700mph nuclear-capable Zircon missiles

Vladimir Putin has ordered dozens of terrifying hypersonic Zircon nuclear-capable missiles that can travel at eye-watering speeds of 6,700mph, it has been claimed.

The Mach 9 weapon, known as ‘Tsirkon’ in Russia, could reportedly come into service before the end of this year.

The new order of the Zircon nuclear-capable missiles has not been officially announced, but reports of it were carried out by Russian state news agency TASS.

A source close to the Russian Defence Ministry said: “The first contract for the production of a batch of Tsirkons was signed in the summer of 2021. An additional contract was signed this autumn.”

The insider added the most recent contract will see the delivery of “several dozen” Zircon 6,670mph missiles in 2023. The missile, which has been seen fired from the Admiral Gorshkov warship, has been the subject of several rigorous tests.

Ukraine LIVE: Russian President Vladimir Putin (Image: GETTY)

‘Main objective’ for Russian troops is to reach border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania

Russian MP Andrey Gurulyov has claimed the Kremlin’s “main objective” is for Russian troops to reach Ukraine’s border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

Speaking on Russian state television, shared by the BBC’s Francis Scarr, he said: “November is relatively warm, including in Ukraine. I can assure you that in two to three weeks at most there will be sub-zero temperatures everywhere for certain.

“It will be pretty uncomfortable in all large cities and small ones too! Virtually, everywhere in Ukraine.

“Today, their power system continues to be systematically taken out – that by the way is one of the key factors of our future success and preparations for the offensive.”

Mr Gurulyov added there is “no other option” but for Russia’s troops to reach the border with four countries.

He continued: “It’s just inevitable! There’s no other option! We’ll get there all the same. It’s just a question of time!”

‘Panic’ emerging in Russian ranks but ‘war is far from over’, Ukrainian minister warns

An adviser to the Ukrainian Defence Minister has said there is “panic” in the Russian ranks, but the war is “far from over”.

Ukrainians have been celebrating in the streets after Russia withdrew tens of thousands of its troops from the strategic city of Kherson,

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the Ukrainian minister Yuriy Sak said: “We always believed that we will liberate Kherson.

“And we are confident that now Russians are beginning to believe that they will never be able to win this war.

“We see the panic in their ranks. We see the panic in their propaganda machine.

“But of course, this is a very important moment, but it is too early to relax, because this war is far from over.”

Russian propagandist claims sole goal of NATO is the ‘annihilation of Russia’

Speaking on Russia’s state television, Vladimir Solovyov said a “religious war was under way” in Ukraine.

He said: “This is a war that we don’t want to call by its name. This is a war where the small demon Zelensky, along with his mercenaries, is acting on behalf of total evil.

“This evil is wearing the robe of acceptance and tolerance. That’s how it is dear friends.

“What we’re confronting is not just anything. It is a most serious, most difficult religious war. It is true, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. We still can’t grasp that the goal of this war is our destruction. Does anyone have any doubt about it?”

The propagandist went on to accuse NATO of trying to destroy Russia.

He said: “The sole goal of NATO is the annihilation of Russia. They have no other goals. They want to destroy Russia because despite its atheist Soviet past, Russia is a country of traditional values.

“It is a great Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist nation.”

Ukrainian police officers and TV and radio broadcasters return to Kherson

Ukrainian police officers, along with TV and radio services have returned to the city of Kherson following the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Ihor Klymenko, the national police chief of Ukraine, said in a post on Facebook around 200 officers were at work in the city, setting up checkpoints and documenting evidence of possible war crimes.

The country’s communications watchdog said national TV and radio broadcasts had resumed in the city.

An adviser to Kherson’s mayor added humanitarian aid and supplies are starting to arrive from the nearby Mykolaiv region.

Jubilant Kherson residents sing following Russian retreat: ‘This is what liberation looks like’

Multiple videos emerging from recently liberated Kherson City show residents cheering and even singing now that Russian troops have left.

Many in Kherson protested against Moscow’s occupation in the early days of the war. Finally, nearly nine months later, the regional capital is back in Kyiv’s hands, something which residents are celebrating.

This is a remarkable live broadcast of CNN from Kherson City. The recording speaks for itself.

Every Russian soldier who was stationed in Kherson knows exactly that they were regarded as oppressors. This city never gave up and won.

u2014 (((Tendar))) (@Tendar)

Ukraine to receive US Avenger air defence systems to annihilate Putin’s missiles

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had previously urged the West to send more air defense systems to shield it from Russia’s brutal missile strikes.

The  is sending Ukraine its Avenger air defence systems, which could prove a vital lifeline in pushing back Russian missile strikes. The Pentagon has confirmed that four air defence systems are on their way to , which could prove to be a crucial line of defence against Iranian-made suicide drones and other weaponry crippling the nation’s   network.

This could also signal another major blow for Vladimir Putin, whose troops withdrew from Kherson this week, the only city Russia managed to capture since it first invaded Ukraine in mid-February. 

The systems are mounted on a Humvee vehicle, which means they have good off-road mobility. They are also armed with Stinger surface-to-air missiles and a .50 calibre machine gun. 

The weapons also have a sighting system, including an infrared camera, optical sight, and laser range finder which can gun down targets that are up to five miles away.

These formed part of a $400million (£338million) military aid package announced on Thursday, which also includes the Stinger missiles the defence systems fire, as well as ammunition for Hawk medium-range technology.

Elusive artist Banksy reveals mural of handstanding gymnast in devastated Ukraine town

Banksy has released a picture of a new piece featuring a hardstanding gymnast surrounded by debris. It is located in the small town of Borodyanka, north west of Kyiv.

It was revealed by the elusive artist on Instagram, pictured from three different angles with the caption identifying its location: ‘Borodyanka, Ukraine’.

Borodyanka is described as a “quiet, one street town” with a pre-war population of around 13,000. It is located 36 miles north west of Kyiv.

It was bombed heavily in April. Buildings were obliterated as invaders targeted infrastructure at night while residents were likely home.

At least 200 were killed in the town with around 90 percent of residents fleeing. Some were even reported to have hidden in caves.

These details may indicate why the world renowned artist – whose hidden identity is a source of constant speculation – chose to leave his mark.

Another piece in Borodyanka, which has not been confirmed to be Bansky but resembles the artist’s work, depicts a man resembling Vladimir Putin being beaten in Judo by a young child.

Banksy shared pictures of his new work on Instagram. (Image: GETTY)

Scampering Russian forces destroy road and rail bridges in Kherson escape

The towering Antonovsky Bridge appears to have been wiped out by Russian forces as they made a hurried retreat from Kherson City.

Fleeing Russian forces blew up bridges on their way out of Ukraine in an effort to slow down the onslaught. Photos posted to social media appear to show Antonovsky Bridge – a target over the last months for Ukrainian HIMARS – completely severed and severely damaged.

The bridge was a key target for Kyiv in an effort to keep Russian forces undersupplied and un-reinforced – now Moscow appears to have blown the landmark in an effort to secure their retreat.

The bridge was blown before dawn Friday. Although it has not been confirmed what caused the explosion, Rybar, an unofficial but influential pro-war Russian military blog posted footage of the blast and claimed Moscow’s forces had brought it down.

The Ministry of Defence said this morning: “On November 11, 2022, Russia’s Ministry of Defence claimed their withdrawal from Kherson had been completed. Russian forces highly likely destroyed road and rail bridges over the Dnipro River as part of this process.”

Satellite imagery also appears to show damage to the Nova Kakhovka dam, which Ukraine previously claimed Russia had mined. The road and railway link across the dam appeared to be severed.

First foreign journalists arrive in liberated Kherson City

Sky News correspondent Alex Rossi and his team appear to be the first foreign journalists to arrive in the liberated city of Kherson.

He was greeted by “euphoric” citizens who waved Ukrainian flags while hugging him and shaking his hand.

BREAKING: Skyu2019s international correspondent is welcomed by crowds of Ukrainian civilians as Sky News team are the first foreign journalists to reach the liberated city of Kherson.

Live updates:

ud83dudcfa Sky 501, Freeview 233 and YouTube

u2014 Sky News (@SkyNews)

Breaking: Putin poised to launch massive retaliatory airstrike during G20 after Kherson failure

Fears of a retaliatory strike have grown since the key strategic city was liberated in a huge blow to Moscow.

Vladimir Putin could launch a massive strike during the G20 meeting on November 15 and 16, according to a Ukrainian air force commander.

Colonel Yurii Ihnat said the Russian leader prefers to “carry out some kind of provocations around such days”.

Russia has been launching missile and drone strikes against Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, including power stations.

The last large scale missile barrage occurred on October 31, hitting power stations around the country.

Russia declares new ‘temporary administrative capital’ for Kherson region after retreat

Russian authorities have declared a new capital for the Kherson region, according to the Russian state-owned TASS News agency.

Alexander Fomin, one of the officials in the Russian occupation administration in Kherson Oblast, said the new capital would be at the port city of Henichesk on the Azov Sea.

The city is near the Crimean border but far from the frontline, which now mostly sits at the Dnipro River in Kherson. It has been occupied by Russian forces since February 27.

Fomin said: “All the main authorities are concentrated there.”

Kherson is one of the four regions which Putin claims have been annexed into Russia.

Putin’s ‘dambuster revenge’ as fears grow that dam was deliberately destroyed

Satellite photos appear to show damage to a hydroelectric dam near Kherson after Russian troops fled the city.

 troops may have deliberately damaged a dam that was formerly under their control as they fled from the city of Kherson. Satellite images have shown that sections of the  dam on the Dnipro river could have been “deliberately destroyed” according to a satellite imaging company.

Maxar Technologies have released pictures which appear to show damage to the northern part of the dam sluice gates at the hydroelectric power plant.

It is unclear how the damage was caused at the dam, which holds back “millions of tonnes” of water.

Moscow and Kyiv have consistently accused each other of trying to plot to damage the dam.

Earlier this month Russia blamed Ukraine for damage to it caused by shelling, despite providing no evidence to back these claims up.

World leaders congratulate Ukraine on ‘extraordinary victory’

The White House has congratulated Ukraine on its “extraordinary victory” following the liberation of Kherson.

“It does look as though the Ukrainians have just won an extraordinary victory where the one regional capital that Russia had seized in this war is now back under a Ukrainian flag – and that is quite a remarkable thing,” US national security advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters at the ASEAN summit in Cambodia.

French President Emmanuel Macron also congratulated Ukraine and said he “welcomed” Kherson’s return to the country.

He added: “This is a critical step towards the restoration of its sovereign rights. France will stand beside the Ukrainian people.”

I welcome Khersonu2019s return to Ukraine. This is a critical step towards the restoration of its sovereign rights. France will stand beside the Ukrainian people.

u2014 Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron)

Ukraine hits jackpot as ‘crate after crate’ of ammunition found after Russia flees Kherson

Ukraine’s armed forces have made a welcome discovery in newly liberated Kherson as “crate after crate” of Russian ammunition is captured.

‘s abandoned military positions in Kherson have provided rich pickings for advancing Ukrainian troops with large amounts of ammunition reportedly abandoned in the Kremlin’s hasty retreat from the southern city. ‘s armed forces have been securing the city after the Russian army withdrew.

Pointing to stacks of ammunition boxed, a Sky News correspondent explains: “This is where the Russians were.

“They’ve left an enormous amount of ammunition. Crate after crate just dumped.

“They left here about 24 hours ago they just simply vanished from this place.

“But you can see all the bombs down here that they’ve left. It’s been taken over now by Ukrainian soldiers.”

Ukraine’s forces found stacks of Russian ammunition following the recapture of Kherson. (Image: Sky News)

Zelensky says ‘historic day’ as Ukrainian troops liberate Kherson

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine was getting the south of its country back after nearly nine months of fighting.

“Today is a historic day. We are getting the south of the country back, we are getting Kherson back,” Zelensky said in his nightly video address.

He added: “As of now, our defenders are on the outskirts of the city, and we are very close to entering. But special units are already in the city.”

Moscow announced the completion of the withdrawal of 30,000 troops from the area yesterday, however authorities believe the evacuation had been ongoing for some time.

Ukraine painted the picture of a desperate retreat with Russian soldiers ditching uniforms and abandoning their equipment. Putin claimed that the entire Kherson was a part of Russia just five weeks ago.

The rout marks the third major retreat by Russian forces since the February 24 invasion.

Moscow’s forces around Kyiv in the north of the country fled in April after facing fierce Ukrainian resistance and a logistical breakdown.

In September, the Russian lines around Kharkiv collapsed in the face of a massive Ukrainian counteroffensive – this saw Kyiv’s forces reclaim huge swathes of occupied territory.

Now, Russian forces appear to have evacuated most, if not all, positions on the west side of the Dnipro River, including the strategically important Kherson City.

Ukrainians in Kyiv took to the streets to celebrate the recapture of Kherson. (Image: GETTY)

Russian soldiers likely donned ‘civilian attire’ as they attempted to escape Kherson

The Ministry of Defence update this morning said there was a “realistic possibility” Russian forces disguised themselves and military equipment as civilians evacuating the city.

Moscow announced the completion of the withdrawal yesterday, but the MOD estimates it had been ongoing since October 22.

“The completion of the withdrawal came only two days after its announcement. It is likely that the withdrawal process had already started as early as October 22, 2022 when Russian-installed figures in Kherson urged civilians to leave the city,” the MOD said on Twitter.

Losing Kherson is a huge blow to Putin and will cause “significant reputational damage”.

While some Russian forces are thought to remain on the west bank of the Dnipro River, it’s likely Moscow is evacuating those areas as well.

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 12 November 2022

Find out more about the UK government’s response:

ud83cuddfaud83cudde6 ud83cuddfaud83cudde6

u2014 Ministry of Defence ud83cuddecud83cudde7 (@DefenceHQ)

Scenes of celebration in Kherson, Russians blow bridges as they retreat

Good morning, Matthew Dooley here to bring you the latest updates on Ukraine until later this afternoon.

The big story from the front is Russian forces evacuating Kherson City, the only regional capital they managed to capture since Putin launched his February 24 invasion.

There have been scenes of heart warming celebration from the city as Ukrainian soldiers raised the yellow and blue flag there once again.

It has also emerged that the Russians have likely destroyed bridges and railway links crossing the Dnipro River, probably an attempt to solidify a defensive position on the east side.

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More to follow.

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