Princess Charlotte Reportedly Becoming ‘Duchess Of Edinburgh’ As Tribute To Queen Elizabeth

King Charles III hasn’t named his brother, Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh because he is reportedly saving the title for Charlotte.

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has reportedly been saving a special title for . The new monarch, who took over the British throne following the, is preparing to name Prince William and Kate Middleton’s middle child, who is third in line for the throne, as the Duchess of Edinburgh, per sources for . The movie is reportedly in honor of the late Queen, who was also the Duchess of Edinburgh before becoming the ruler in 1952.

King Charles III reportedly wants to name Princess Charlotte the Duchess of Edinburgh. (Shutterstock)

“Discussions are under way, but the favored outcome for the King is that this title ought to go to Princess Charlotte,” the insider explained. “It would be a fitting way to remember the Queen – who, of course, had the title Duchess of Edinburgh – and a way for His Majesty to honour the line of succession.”

The outlet went on to say that the revelation came after months of speculation as to why King Charles III had not named his brother, Prince Edward, as the Duke of Edinburgh following the of their father, Prince Philip, in April 2021.

Princess Charlotte will be third in line for the throne unless Prince George has children. (Tim Rooke/Shutterstock)

Princess Charlotte still holds the position of third in line for the throne, behind older brother Prince George, even after their younger brother Prince Louis was born, as the rules of Royal primogeniture were changed to allow a girl born to a royal couple the same rights as a boy when Princess Diana was pregnant with Prince William. With the new rule, Charlotte will not lose her order of succession until George has children. When Prince William becomes King, George will become Duke of Cornwall and then Prince of Wales – but not Duke of Edinburgh.

The DailyMail source added, “Charlotte’s position is historically significant because she is the first female member of the Royal Family whose place in the line of succession will not be surpassed by her younger brother. So it is constitutionally significant because it is not beyond the realms of possibility that she will accede the throne if, for example, Prince George does not have children.”