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Maruti Swift with custom rust-wrap is a head-turner [Video]


Published: December 1, 2022

Maruti Swift is a car that has been featured on our website several times. It is a popular hatchback in its segment and people like it for its looks, space and also the fuel efficiency. It is a hatchback that has always been suitable for modifications and we have seen several tastefully modified examples from different parts of the country. There are some Swifts with performance mods while some do the cosmetic upgrades to give it a sporty look and feel. Here we have a Maruti Swift with a very unique looking wrap on it. The whole car has been wrapped in a custom made rusty wrap.

The video has been uploaded by on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks to the owner of the workshop where the car was wrapped. The work on this Swift was done by Carholic in Delhi. The owner of the car had arrived at the workshop looking for a different look for his car. That is when the shop suggested him the rusty wrap which he had seen on a car outside India. The workshop team started working on 3D illustrations and design to see how the wrap would actually look on the car.

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Once they finalised the design, they printed the same on an Avery Dennison wrap and wrapped the car. Video mentions that this is a custom made wrap and you would not find similar patterns anywhere else. This is not a complete wrap as every panel has to be treated differently to achieve the rat rod look. Once the wrap was printed, the body panels were removed and were individually wrapped. They started with the bonnet. Once the bonnet was wrapped, they moved to the bumper. By the time, they finished doing the bumper, they had a fair idea on what the finished product might look like. The wrap is designed in such a manner that it looks like the whole car has rust on it.

Many people who saw the car parked on the road, even came down to check if it is actually rust or not. All of them were impressed to see such a car on the road. It is definitely a head turner and would attract people as well as cops on the road. The work done on the car looks extremely neat. The doors and the rear fender are partially wrapped to give it the intentional unfinished work. The stock wheels on the Maruti Swift were also replaced with aftermarket 18 inch alloy wheels fro Plati brand. The roof has been wrapped black to give it a contrasting look.

This is not the first time, we are seeing a rusty wrap on a car in India. Last year, a vidoe of a Ford EcoSport with Jurrasic Park themed rust wrap had gone viral. Coming back to Swift. The video mentions that it took team around 15-20 days to actually design and implement the whole thing as they were doing it for the first time. The cost of such a wrap on a car like this is around Rs 55,000. Depending on the segment, the price would increase or decrease.

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