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  • Football fans in Kerala celebrate FIFA world cup with car stunts: MVD cancels registration, suspends license [Video]Football fans in Kerala c…

Football fans in Kerala celebrate FIFA world cup with car stunts: MVD cancels registration, suspends license [Video]

Performing stunts in public places is an offence and it is enough of a reason for cops to seize your vehicle and even suspend the license. In one such incident, a group of football fans in Kerala were performing stunts using car on a ground as part of FIFA world cup celebration. A video from the spot has now gone viral on the internet and the cops also came across the video. MVD officials analyzed the video, and cancelled licenses of the drivers who performed the car stunts. The MVD also went a step further to cancel registrations of the cars involved.

Kerala: Football fans perform dangerous stunts on cars & bikes as part of FIFA World Cup celebration

The Motor Vehicles department has cancelled the registrations of the vehicles used, they have also suspended the licences of those who performed the stunts.

— Aditya Paul (@AdityaPaul1999)

The video that has now gone viral on the internet shows several cars parked in an open ground with football fans cheering for their favourite team. As part of the celebration, we can see a Skoda Rapid and Maruti Swift performing stunts on the ground. There are several cars parked on the ground but, only a few of them are performing stunts. After the Skoda Rapid, a Maruti Swift with people hanging out of the car from window performs stunt. This is extremely dangerous as the chances of people falling off the car are very high. Luckily nothing like that happened during the stunt. Even the tailgate of the Swift was open and occupants were sitting in the boot too.

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The Swift driver can be seen driving rashly through the ground and trying to slide the car. After couple of slides, the driver attempts to do donuts in reverse while all the people were still hanging out from the car. While all of this is happening, we can see many people on the ground with flags of their favourite team. Sometime, the car was dangerously close to the people watching the stunts. After the Swift, a Toyota Etios Liva started performing similar stunts. In this case also, the car was being driven rashly and there were people sitting in the boot and also hanging out from the window.

According to various reports, the incident happened in Kerala’s Kozhikode district. The stunt was performed in the premises of Markaz College at Karanthur region. Eight cars and two motorcycles were used for performing stunts on the ground. Motor Vehicles Department took action after the college authorities and locals of the area complained about the incident. The video that was recorded from the spot also served as an evidence to take action. The video helped athorities track the vehicles and cancel the registration. The video of the stunts have also gone viral on various social media platforms.

This is not the first time, something like this has been reported from Kerala. The Kerala MVD infamous for taking action against offenders who perform such stunts. In the past, the department has suspended and cancelled licences of several riders and drivers for performing stunts. Performing such stunts is extremely dangerous, especially when you have large number of people around you. It is very easy to loose control over the vehicle while performing such stunts and it can even lead to accidents.

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