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  • Truck falls off overpass as driver dozes off: Entire incident caught on dash cameraTruck falls off overpass …

Truck falls off overpass as driver dozes off: Entire incident caught on dash camera


Published: December 2, 2022

Driving on highways is an experience of its own, but it is something which requires a lot of patience and attention on the road, failing which can be fatal at times. And who can understand this notion better than the truck drivers whose work primarily depends on driving all day on highways? Consistent driving can lead to fatigue, which can result in accidents avoided. Many accidents happen regularly due to such fatigue. Here is one such example where a truck driver crashed his truck on a highway while driving due to this very reason. The crash got caught in the dashboard camera.

In a YouTube video uploaded by American Truck Drivers, we can see a truck driver falling asleep while he is driving on rather empty highways in the US. Here in the video, we can see that despite the driver falling asleep, he is refusing to slow down, take a break and park his truck somewhere to take a rest. Instead, he continues to drive his truck with the fatigue taking control over him.

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After a few seconds, the fatigue was so much in control over the truck driver, that he completely falls asleep while driving, thus losing control over the truck’s steering wheel. In no time, the truck loses the lane and drivers over the divider between the lanes. After sensing a loss of control, the truck driver becomes alert and tries to steer back the truck on the road, but it was too late to do so. Eventually, the truck falls on the underpass constructed below the expressway.

Luckily for the driver, there was no one driving over the underpass below the expressway, when the truck fell. However, by that time, the truck had suffered massive damage due to the severe impact. Though, thankfully, the driver and his co-driver, who was sleeping on the back deck at the time of the accident, were completely safe and escaped unhurt.

Driving fatigue

Due to consistent driving, which requires a lot of attention on the road, it is natural to feel tired. However, what’s more, important to do is to keep note of that fatigue and take a break for some rest or energy drink before completely falling asleep. This way, one can avoid bigger damage which can lead to an accident, which can not only be fatal for that particular vehicle driver but also for other motorists driving around him.

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Save yourself from fatigue and accidents

  • Take request breaks. If you’re driving over a long distance, a break every 60-90 minutes is advised to keep your concentration level high on the roads. The brain cannot concentrate for a long time without a break and it is very important.
  • Driving in the graveyard hours, which is just after midnight to the early morning will make you feel sleepy. The body clock will try to shut your brain and take rest and you can fall asleep on the wheels easily.
  • Highly caffeinated drinks like espresso and Red Bull will immediately wake you up but in a short time, the effect of caffeine goes away and that’s when you start to feel even more tired than before. Caffeine dehydrates the body. The only way around this is to park the vehicle and take a nap.
  • Make yourself uncomfortable, if you’re feeling sleepy. Turn off the AC, crack open the window if you cannot stop and take a rest. The body cannot fall asleep easily uncomfortable if it is less tired.
  • If you think that you’re on boring roads, take a quick stop, walk around, check your social media, or play a game. Do anything that engages your mind and your concentration level high on the road ahead.


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