It might be small, but the is one of the you can buy and Yorkshire-based off-road specialists Twisted has confirmed it will release its own interpretation of the retro . 

You might have heard of before, with the company’s 21-year history mainly focused on making even more capable off-road. Pricing hasn’t been finalised but Twisted suggests a figure of under £50,000 plus VAT. The in-house offerings will be based on the Jimny as you can’t buy the regular Jimny in the UK anymore, but Twisted has also said it will adapt existing customer vehicles.   

The 1.5-litre, four-cylinder engine in the Jimny only produces 101bhp but a kerb weight of just over a tonne means it doesn’t have too much to haul around. Add-in excellent approach and departure angles and Suzuki’s ALLGRIP Pro with a low transfer gear and the Jimny can impress in the rough stuff. 

Twisted’s plan to make the Jimny even better hasn’t been fully revealed but expect tweaks such as a wheel and tyre package and uprated suspension. To make the Jimny even more usable on the road, extra soundproofing, an upgraded infotainment and sound system and Twisted’s ‘signature custom interior’ will feature.

Charles Fawcett, Founder and Managing Director of Twisted, explained why the company chose the Jimny, “My first (aged 12) was the Jimny’s predecessor, a Suzuki SJ. I adored it. The new Jimny is evocative, engaging, and endearing. It’s almost a miniature Defender with similar architecture, driveline and analogue feel.” 

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