All 50 states reported temperatures that were below freeing on Wednesday, and some of those temperatures even broke records.

Old Man Winter is waking up and seems to be grumpy as every state in the reported freezing temperatures Wednesday morning.

The FOX Forecast Center said the cold air overspread the country on Tuesday night, plunging temperatures to at or below freezing – some of which broke record lows.

More than 200 million Americans will be experiencing below-average temperatures on Wednesday, but a “warm up” is on the way as only 80 million will be below average on Thursday.

All 50 states reported temperatures that were at or below freezing on Wednesday morning with more than 200 million Americans feeling below-average temperatures during the day.

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Record-low temperatures reported Wednesday

You can feel winter is getting closer as cold air that moved into the U.S. from this week led to the in the Great Lakes region and parts of the .

Nearly 4 feet of snow fell in parts of state, and snow flurries were reported farther south in .

The National Park Service said Tuesday that winds have taken down the National Christmas Tree ahead of the annual lighting. 

made it feel even colder with dipping into the teens in the eastern U.S.

And those winds were strong enough to in

Record-low temperatures on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023.
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The cold temperatures broke records in many parts of the eastern U.S. on Wednesday morning.

, Virginia, dropped to a bone-chilling 15 degrees, which broke its old record of 17 degrees set in 1955.

Cities in , like , also reported new record lows on Wednesday morning with a low of 21.

Other cities, like , North Carolina, came close to record territory with a low of 23.

Another cold morning expected Thursday

Forecast low temperatures on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023.
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It’s going to be another cold morning on Thursday with most of the country again experiencing temperatures that are at or below freezing.

and should be below-freezing Thursday morning, with New York City getting very close. 

Farther south in the , , North Carolina, could really feel the chill with a forecast morning low of 26.