No rest for the weary in the Northeast as a third storm of the week is forecast to slam the region this weekend with even more rain, wind — and unlike the first two, snow.

It’s shaping up to be a gloomy weekend in the as another storm system pushes into the region, bringing with it rain, and some that could make for some miserable early celebrations.

This new storm threat comes on the heels of two previous ones that earlier in the week.

This graphic shows additional rain totals in the Northeast and New England this weekend.
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The FOX Forecast Center said the new system is expected to move out of the by Saturday, with conditions deteriorating in the Northeast as develops from west to east, reaching New England by Saturday night.

“And there’s so many St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that are happening this weekend,” FOX Weather Meteorologist said. “I mean, I’m walking in a parade Saturday morning with my kids. So, hopefully, we can hold it off.”

There may be enough cold air in place across the interior Northeast and northern for snow to fall during the storm’s onset, which could then continue through Sunday.

Early forecast snow totals include more than 6 inches in the higher elevations of northern New York, , and .

This graphic shows forecast snow totals in the Northeast and New England.
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Communities that are south and east of the Great Lakes have been placed under Winter Storm Watches due to the threat of heavy snowfall and gusty winds.

Accumulations are expected to reach at least 5″ in the shaded regions but could end up closer to a foot.

The combination of heavy snowfall and gusty winds would lead to reduced visibilities from Saturday evening through at least Monday evening.

Winter Weather Alerts
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But to the south of the snowbelt, it’s going to be another dose of rain after already picking up a few inches over the past week.

By the time the storm system moves out of the region at the end of the weekend, some parts of the Northeast could see 8 inches or more of rain between all three storms that impacted the region in the past week.

In addition, the FOX Forecast Center said strong southerly could push water onshore, leading to significant coastal from to Maine during high tide on Sunday morning.

Sunday is also the new , so astronomical high tides will already be in place, which means it won’t take much for coastal communities to be inundated.

At the end of the event on Sunday night, the FOX Forecast Center said a switch to strong northerly winds will push the rain/snow line farther south, which means cities such as in , in and could see some snow before the storm winds down.